Natural Cosmetics

Why natural cosmetics?

What we want to achieve:

 To live a healthy, fit and long life

As people do in the 5 Hot Spots of Longevity ("Blue Zones"), according to National Geographic and the New York Times

5 Hot Spots of Longevity

5 Hot Spots of Longevity

Okinawa Phenomenon:
Okinawa, the island
of the vital 100-year-olds
is the poorest
prefecture in Japan





Living a healthy, fit and long life = living in harmony with nature 

From the study of the life of the people on the island of Okinawa, we obtain our AGING STRATEGY, which consists of four life areas requiring our special attention:

Physical and mental fitness

Taking care of our body through physical exercise and our mental fitness through perpetual learning, discovery and play.


Only healthy, whole foods should be consumed, derived from simple and natural sources. The amounts of food consumed should fitted according to age and lifestyle and include regular fasting and restriction periods.


Our work, our living conditions and our environment should be chosen in order to be enjoyed and to support our health. This includes our social environment and our hobbies as well.

Care and cosmetics*

Skincare, dental care, hair care, eye care are very important for our health.

  *this is our line of activity.

Natural cosmetics