Copy of Why natural cosmetics

Therefore natural cosmetics: We all want to live healthy for a long time and be happy at the same time.

Just like people in Five Longevity Hot Spots (according to National Geographic & the New York Times)


Therefore, we think our everyday life should be shaped by a solid aging strategy. A strategy that optimizes the processes of our body over the years and decades
The pillars of this strategy are physical and mental health and a lifestyle defined by joy and contentment. All aspects of these pillars are directly interrelated.
While joy and contentment can be promoted through selective definition of environment and activities, mental health is primarily promoted through learning, discovering and playing.

Physical health is based on balanced exercise, proper nutrition and care of our body.

And it is precisely with this care that we can support you with our cosmetic products!

Just like in the hot spots of longevity (see graphic), such as the island of Okinawa, we create our products according to the principles "less is more" and "use what nature offers us".

The focus of our philosophy is the preservation of what already exists. We want to help maintain the condition of the skin.

Very important for this: moisture, both inside and outside.
Therefore, all of our products are designed to keep the skin hydrated. Building on this, they are provided with natural essences that offer different supporting effects.



But don't forget: the attitude towards the topic of aging is also fundamental. It's not for nothing that the saying "One has to feel beautiful in order to be beautiful" was established.