Copy of Our Philosophy

Trust in nature's wisdom

The formulation of our natural cosmetics is aided by only natural ingredients and bans the use of waste products from the petroleum industry such as common paraffins or silicones. Our products are free from chemical preservatives (allergy triggers) and utilise only those made from herbs and plants. Our lovely scents are the result of only natural fragrances. No animal testing is tolerated in the manufacturing of our products. We follow strict manufacturing rules without any chemical processing. Our products are packaged using recyclable materials.

Less is truly more

Our skin does not need specialised remedies for each part of the body. We prefer to use less, but instead only natural remedies which are applied regularly. Complicated chemical processes result in unsafe substances. Simplicity in both composition and manufacturing method of our products yields natural cosmetics suitable for healthy, long-term application.

Real beauty comes from the inside

Beauty itself is not the goal but only accompanies a healthy and happy life. We prefer the "meaning of life" (that, which is worth living for) as our number one goal. Health, an inner balance and positive energy shine to the outside and create more beauty than any amount of care products. We support this philosophy and view the role of cosmetics not as a primary creator but merely as a supplement of beauty.