Rose Line - Bath Salt Magnesium & Rose Blossoms 300ml

Rose Line - Bath Salt Magnesium & Rose Blossoms 300ml


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Bath salt "Magnesium with rose petals" has an intensely relaxing and regenerating effect. A warm bath with Dead Sea salt facilitates the removal of dead skin cells, promotes blood circulation, and has an astringent effect on the skin. The pores in the skin are opened and minerals (e.g. magnesium) can be better absorbed, thus the body can be supplied with these important substances. Magnesium is necessary for many bodily functions. It helps keep blood pressure and heart rate stable, which is important for bone and muscle health. Bath salt helps the body to regenerate after an exhausting workout or stressful day. 

Ingredients: Maris Sal, Magnesium Sulfate, Rosa Centifolia Flower, Aroma

Contains: Linalol

Rich in magnesium; has a revitalizing, relaxing and regenerating effect on your skin and body.


Rich in magnesium

- relaxes and invigorates

- helps against cramps and muscle pain
- supports regeneration after training and in exhaustion
- softens and smoothes dry skin
- supports regeneration of skin cells

Caution: avoid contact with injured skin

100% natural & vegan